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    FYI Tips

    FYI Tip Calculator provides a simple and intuitive user interface allowing for fast and convenient way to calculate your tips. FYI Tip calculator can be used as a standalone app with its complete tip calculation features or as a handy companion to iXpenseIt. It is perfect for reimbursement, tracking, record keeping and sharing: capture and email the receipt to all participants or for reimbursement. With one tap you can directly save as a new expense record in the iXpenseIt app.

    Category: Finance

    App Features

    Set up your default tax and preferred tip percentage for quick tip calculation--all you have to do is enter the subtotal and FYI Tip Calculator will automatically calculate all the break down. Taking the receipt image, rounding the amount, splitting the check, and even seeing how much a couple should pay together in a group of people is all a tap away.

    • Paperless
    • Splitting the bill
    • View the combined amount for a specific number of people in a group
    • Full Rounding Options: round up, down, split up, split down, or exact
    • Two-way calculation: Enter the tax or tip percentage to calculate the amount, or enter the amount to calculate the percentage
    • Receipt image capture with device camera
    • Email bill details with receipt image
    • Integrates with iXpenseIt to save the split amount and receipt in one central place
    • Assign default tax and tip percentage, rounding method, and split by number in Settings for fast tip calculation

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    FYI Tip Testimonials

    Just what i needed by Mistyblue65

    Simple and easy to use. Great if you're going out to eat with a group.

    Nice interface by Eman152

    It calculates tax, tip, and splits. It has a nice simple interface, but I wish it also had a calculator instead of just a number pad. If you go out with friends and want to calculate your exact portion it would be nice to have an app that has a calculator built into the tip app. That way you do not have to switch in and out between two apps.

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